How To Request Signatures With Contract Templates

Ok- you've created contract templates, mastered form fillers and prepared multiple deals. Now, how do you obtain signatures for these beautiful documents you've created? We'll show you. But first, let's talk digital signatures with Apace Forms.

First and foremost, all digital signatures with Apace Forms are legally binding via our HelloSign integration. Here are a few benefits of digital signatures with Apace;
- All digitally signed forms are legally binding
- All digitally signed forms include an Audit Trail
- All signers receive a copy of the fully executed document via email
- Apacers can request signatures on one-time PDFs and Contract Templates

Now, let's walk you through how to request signatures with contract templates.

Step 1:
First, ensure your contract template includes at least one buyer signature field. These signature fields were designed so that you could obtain multiple signatures from multiple signers on the same document. So, if you need for one person to sign in multiple places on the same document, you'd drag and drop buyer signature 1 to every place on your contract template where Person A should sign.

Buyer Signature 1 = Person A
Buyer Signature 2 = Person B
Buyer Signature 3 = Person C
And so on.

Step 2:
Once you've created a deal and have added your contract template to this deal, step 4 of the digital signature workflow is where you'll assign signers. Input the signers name, email and their signature field assignment. Once complete, hit save contract.

Step 3:
Next to the contract you just saved, you'll notice an eye icon- this is how you preview your document. Review your contract and if it's ready to go, hit send and your clients will receive an email with signing instructions! Once signed, all parties will receive the fully executed contract. You will also be able to view the fully executed contract on your dashboard, its new signature status and its signature notification.

As an fyi, once you send a document for signature, you can no longer edit the data.

Our digital signature workflow is easy, safe and insanely quick- a true recipe for success. If you have questions, or become stuck, drop us a note at