How To Create Form Fillers

Raise your hand if, on more than one occasion, you've said to yourself, "I wish this real estate contract could complete itself."? With Apace Forms, this wish is your new reality and it's all because of our innovative yet simple Form Fillers.

What are Form Fillers? Simply put, Form Fillers are you way of telling Apace how you want it to calculate and autofill the data within your contract templates. By presetting this criteria today, you save yourself endless time tomorrow, and ensuring your contracts are free of errors- every time. Here's how.

Step 1:
Once logged into your dashboard, navigate to the Form Filler tab.

Step 2:
Click +Add to create a new Form Filler.

Step 3:
Name your Form Filler and begin presetting your criteria! A few things to note;
- Only input numbers- no symbols.
- You don't have to complete every field- but ensure you name the Form Filler
- The From dropdown gives you the added flexibility of determining which contingencies you'd like Apace to calculate from
- Apace calculates the total number of days from contingencies

Step 4:
Hit Save Form, and this Form Filler is ready to go to work when you are.

You've just created a Form Filler, and are one step away from putting your real estate contracts on auto-pilot. If you have questions, or become stuck, drop us a note at