How To Create Deals

By this point, you've probably created Contract Templates, and Form Fillers, and are ready to put your contracts to work. In order to do so, you must first create + manage deals.

What are Deals? Whatever you want them to be. But these are some of the things they allow you to do;
- Organize your contracts
- Put your Contract Templates + Form Fillers to work
- Annotate PDFs
- Request legally binding signatures

Now that you have a sense of what Deals allow you to do, let's create one.

Step 1:
Once logged into your dashboard, navigate to the Deals tab.

Step 2:
Click +Add to create a new Deal.

Step 3:
Name your deal, then hit add.

Step 4:
Once you've created a deal, you're ready to use live contracts.

Anytime you successfully create a new contract, the contract itself (along with its signature status) will appear in your deal, which you can view, edit, download or delete at any time. You have two options when adding a contract;
- Option 1: You can add a contract from your device, add annotations, then request signatures
- Option 2: You can add a Contract Template, add annotations, complete your smart fields, then request signatures.

In this case, lets go with option 2 so that we can show you the power of Contract Templates and Form Fillers

Step 5:
Name your contract and choose the contract template you'd like to import. Once complete, hit next.

Step 6:
You'll arrive at Annotations, where you can add any information your smart fields may not already capture - things like text, highlights, shapes, strikethroughs, and a few others. Once complete, hit next.

Step 7:
Once you've entered the details page, you'll find your smart field input on the left (where you enter information), and the PDF itself on the right. The magic happens when you apply a Form Filler. Notice below; my contract starts out blank, but once I choose my Form Filler, and input my purchase price, Apace instantly calculates majority of the data in the contract! Over 60% of my contract is completed in seconds. Now, all I have to do is fill in the blanks.

Step 9:
If your contract template contains signature fields, assign those fields by entering your clients name and email. Once you hit save, you can preview the document before requesting signatures.

Step 10:
Preview your document. If all looks good, hit send and your clients will receive directions on how to sign the document(s) shortly after. Once fully executed, all parties will receive a signed copy of the PDF, which includes an Audit Trail. The signed document will also return to your deal dashboard and the signature status will show as signed.

Our deal flow was created to help you transact with ease- and on your terms! If you have questions, or become stuck, drop us a note at