How To Create Contract Templates

Our innovative contract templates are simple, speedy and savvy- 3 S's that'll power your real estate business like never before and provide you with the ultimate competitive advantage.

What are some of the benefits of Apace Contract Templates? We thought you'd never ask;
- They allow future contracts to be completed in minutes- not hours
- They reduce revision time (when Form Fillers are applied)
- They allow you to do contracts on the go
- They prevent errors

Now, let's create one.

Step 1:
Once logged into your dashboard, navigate to the Contract Templates tab.

Step 2:
Click +Add to create a new Contract Template.

Step 3:
Name your contract template, upload a PDF from your device, then hit next.

Step 4:
Once you've uploaded a PDF, you can start applying smart fields!

The ability to apply fields will be your default first option. If you click on the Apply Fields dropdown, you'll have the option to add other very useful annotations to your contract template (check boxes, shapes, free form text, etc..). But let's focus on smart fields.

When you first apply fields, you may notice that the box itself is transparent (or invisible). Don't worry-that's purposeful. Once you apply the smart field, hover over it, click style and adjust the settings according to your preferences. We recommend setting the font size of your smart fields to no greater than 10, which you can do in the style tab.

As a friendly note, the smart fields (aka input boxes) do not show up on your final PDF, only text (what you/Apace enter). So, align those boxes according to how you want the text/input to appear on the final PDF, which is viewable once you click save.

As another friendly note, if you upload a PDF that already contains fillable fields, our AI will place fields for you- which saves you a ton of time! From there, all you have to do is assign those fields. You may also upload multiple PDF's to the same contract template by selecting + Upload a PDF in the bottom right hand corner of the contract template. This creates a single-file document, or package. Yep, it's one of your favorite features too.

Step 5:
Once you complete your contract template, scroll down, hit save at the bottom right and you're all set!

Step 6:
After saving your contract template, you can preview your smart fields to get a feel of placement and how data will appear, as well edit, rename or delete the contract template entirely.

Contract Templates are designed to make your life as a real estator simpler- our hope is that you immediately feel the same. If you have questions, or become stuck, drop us a note at