Some offers ago, while doing woodwork on a house he owned, our co-founder Marcus received a call from one of his clients who were interested in submitting an offer on a house she toured earlier that day. The listing also had a fast approaching offer deadline. Lacking access to a computer or a mobile-friendly platform that would allow him to prepare an offer quickly and efficiently on the spot, he rushed home. After 45 minutes of preparing the offer, he imagined how much more convenient it would’ve been for not only himself but his client if he was able to prepare and send this offer while doing woodwork. Most agents have rules-of-thumb when preparing contracts; the few details that vary deal-to-deal are the dates, deadlines, figures, and names. So he thought to himself – what if he developed a platform that eliminated the repetition in drafting real estate contracts and automated tasks to ensure speed, efficiency, and accuracy? Soon after, Apace was born.

Why Apace?



Input data such as days-to-close, contingencies and percentages and watch Apace automatically determine and calculate these figures within the document.

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Create templates that can be imported into live offers and edited to meet the needs of your clients.



Use our secure cloud to store, access, edit, and share on and from any device.

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Utilize a standard real estate purchase contract form and Apace’s technology to create detailed offers that can be shared within the application.



Answer a few standard questions to complete offers in about 5 minutes or less that can be shared.


Marcus Medley

CEO & CoFounder

Marcus, a fellow Real Estate Broker, co-founded the concept for Apace alongside his wife in 2019 following years of frustration with the lack of automation in Real Estate. He’s a true believer in, “Less is more,” and very passionate about disrupting an industry in dire need of document automation.

Marcus believes real estate closings shouldn’t take 45 days, and that documents shouldn’t take longer than 5 minutes to prepare. He also understands the tremendous value real estate agents and brokers bring to each transaction while also empathizing with the stress traditional document preparation brings.